COVID-19 Announcement

12 May 2020 | Posted In News

Following the update provided by the government on Sunday evening we are happy to announce that the tennis courts will be reopening for use by members as of Wednesday, 13th May 2020. However, as I am sure you can appreciate certain measures must be adhered to by all members if there is to be a safe recreational environment for all.

The LTA has stated on their website that:

“tennis activity in England will be able to take place outdoors from Wednesday with singles play only, other than where players are all of the same household in which case, they can play doubles”

This means that members of two different household may play against one another in a singles format. Singles or doubles formats can be played by members of the same household.

Please take the time to read the following list of precautions we as a committee would like for all members to take prior, during and post using the courts. This is for not only the safety of you and the members of your households but those others wishing to use the courts and their households:

  1. Please ensure you sanitise your hands immediately before and after touching padlock and gate and if this is not possible then wear gloves whilst touching them.
  2. When using the courts please be mindful of those around you. If a ball that you are using bounces over into the area of the adjacent court, please wait for any rally being played to finish before retrieving the ball. Although it may be instinct to hit the ball back to the other court please do not, simply stand at a safe distance away from the ball whilst it is being retrieved.
  3. Please restrain from shaking hands, or any form of physical contact upon finishing a match or social session with a member of a different household or your own.
  4. In line with self-isolation guidelines if anyone within your household is either presenting with symptoms of COVID-19 or is under instruction to self-isolate as a result of of being in contact with someone who has presented with symptoms then please do not use the courts until it is safe to do so.

Further to the COVID-19 related precautions please can the following be taken on board. We anticipate that there will be a high demand for the use of the courts with them being a welcome solace and change within an ever increasingly boring lockdown environment. As there are only two courts to use this may lead to people waiting to use the courts. In this instance we  ask that those using the courts are conscious of those waiting to play and curtail their own playtime after a sensible amount of time to allow for other members to enjoy the courts.

As a committee we would like to thank you for taking the time to read this email. We would also like to send all our best wishes to you and your families in these unparalleled times. If you have any further queries regarding this update do not hesitate to contact us. An email will also follow over the coming days regarding membership renewals.

Adam Walters (Chairman of Escrick Tennis Club)